10:00-10:05Introduction to the ConferencePandia Jiang Founder of LinkTime
10:05-10:15Opening SpeechCharles d'HaussyHead of FinTech at InvestHK
10:15-10:35Opportunities and Challenges with POS Karl Floersch Ethereum Core Researcher
10:35-10:55Ethereum Sharding 3Q2018Hsiao-Wei WangEthereum Core Researcher
10:55-11:10Ethereum WebAssembly: the Future of Ethereum Smart Contracts Jake Lang Core Developer at Ethereum Foundation
11:10-11:30Stepping outside the Square David Knott OmiseGo Plasma Researcher
11:30-12:00Panel: Smart Contract SecurityKarl Floersch (Ethereum Core Researcher): Shawn Douglass (CEO & Co-Founder of Amberdata), Jay Zhou (Co-founder of Loopring Protocol), Alan Li (Director of R&D at FBG X), Antoine Cote (Co-Founder & CEO of Enuma Technologies).
12:00-12:15The Promise and Challenges of Ethereum Off-Chain Scaling Xiaozhou Li Co-founder of Celer Network
12:15-12:30Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Gaming Jehan Chu Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Kenetic
13:30-13:45Blockchain Scalability & Commercial Reality Chris Stott Director and Chief Operating Officer at CLand Lab
13:45-14:00Ethereum, everywhere and everyone Oskar Thorén Head of Engineering at Status
14:00-14:15Next Generation Mobile Payment EcosystemFranky ChungCTO of Linktime
14:15-14:30Blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer marketplaces Matthew Liu Co-founder of Origin Protocol
14:30-14:45The Design and Implementation of High Performance Blockchain Database Mi Jing Co-founder & CEO of Covenant Labs
14:45-15:00Livepeer - Decentralized Video Streaming InfrastructureEric TangFounder of Livepeer
15:00-15:30Panel: The Future of Decentralized ExchangesYixuan Lin (Head of Businesses Development at Hayden Adams (Founder of Uniswap), Bowen Wang (Co-founder of DDEX/Hydro Protocol), Han Chang (CTO of CoinFi), Ken Dean (Executive Director of BitUN).
15:50-16:05Intro to the Decentralized Stablecoin: DaiChao PanEconomics Research at MakerDAO
16:05-16:20CertiK: Building Fully Trustworthy Blockchain EcosystemsVilhelm SjöbergReserach scientist at CertiK
16:20-16:35What are Security Tokens and How do They Differ from Utility Tokens (Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens (ERC20 & ERC721)?Thomas BorrelChief Product Officer at Polymath Network
16:35-16:50Second Layer Execution Markets Piotr Kosiński Tech Lead at ChronoLogic
16:50-17:05NOCUST, a Novel Non-custodial 2nd-layer Financial Intermediary Solution Guillaume Felley Lead Mobile Application Developer at Liquidity Network
17:05-17:20Ethereum + Blockchain Name Service Christopher ShenFounder of Portal Network
17:20-17:50Panel: How Will Investors Respond to “Bull Market” and “Bear Market”?Jehan Chu (Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Kenetic): Mark Pimentel (Founder of Kronos), Harry Yu (Co-founder of Jove Capital), Roger Haenni (Co-Founder & CEO of Datum), Jason Hsu (Taiwan Congressman & Legislator)
17:50-18:00ECF Community Support PlanQijun WangECF Executive Director
18:00-18:10Incentives in HTLCs Jinglan Wang Co-founder of cryptoec
18:10-18:20Connext: Production-Ready Payment Channel Hubs on Ethereum Arjun BhuptaniCofounder at Connext Inc.
18:20-18:50Updates and Future Plan of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin Founder of Ethereum
19:15-21:00VIP Dinner


L'hotel, NINA ET CONVENTION CENTRE, 8 Yeung Uk Road Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong


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